Human Performance Center

Our Team

Display image of Roger D. Watson

Roger D. Watson

HPC Marketing & Building Operations Manager

Phone: 435-879-4825
Office: HPC 216

Display image of Shayne Young

Shayne Young

HPC Assistant Manager/Aquatic Operations

Phone: 435-879-4502
Office: HPC 035

Display image of Andrew Abrams

Andrew Abrams

HPC Climbing Wall & Night Operations Coordinator

Phone: 435-879-4858
Office: 008C

Display image of Randy Schultz

Randy Schultz

Mechanical & Preventative Maintenance Worker/Pool Maint Tech

Phone: 435-652-7560

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Greg Synder

Graveyard Custodian

Phone: 435-652-7563
Office: HPC 010

Display image of William Daniels

William Daniels

Afternoon/Night Custodian

Phone: 435-652-7550
Office: HPC 010

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Adonis Mioi

Afternoon/Night Custoidan

Phone: 435-652-7550
Office: HPC 010

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Human Performance Center Jobs:

  • Lifeguards
  • Welcome Desk Attendant
  • Facility Supervisors
  • Climbing Wall Attendants
  • Custodians