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Climbing Wall


Reach new heights at the HPC Climbing Wall! Whether you’re brand new to the sport or you’ve been climbing for your whole life, our 65 ft tall climbing wall is the place for you. Join a welcoming and vibrant community of climbers who are always excited to see new faces and cheer you on all the way to the top!

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Bouldering Wall

Our 14 ft tall bouldering wall has something for everyone, whether you want to push yourself to your limit or if you just want a light warm up.

Main Wall

Hop on our 65 ft tall Main Wall! With auto belay, top rope, and lead set ups, and challenges for any level, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Climbing Equipment

No equipment? No problem! We have all of the equipment you may want to rent, free of charge. If you need help with sizing or use our excellent staff will be more than happy to help!

Equipment Checkout


Is any climbing experience required?

Absolutely no experience is necessary! Our wall has a variety of routes to climb, from novice to expert.

What are the HPC climbing/bouldering wall hours of operation?

Summer Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday: 3-8pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 2-6pm
  • Sunday: Closed

What types of climbing does the HPC climbing wall offer?

The climbing wall offers bouldering, top rope, lead, and speed climbing.

Is the HPC climbing wall open to alumni or the general public?

The climbing wall is not currently open to alumni nor the general public; however, the gym is available for rent. For more information, see the climbing wall rental guide or contact the climbing wall coordinator at

Do I need a partner, or can I climb by myself?

There are several options if you don’t have a climbing partner.

  • We currently have 5 auto-belays, which allow individuals to climb every sport rout on our wall without a belay partner.
  • If you wish to use ropes, but don’t have a climbing partner, our staff are belay certified and always willing to belay you on any roped climb.
  • Bouldering does not require ropes or a partner, and is a great way to climb individually.

How do I get belay certified?

Ask one of our climbing wall specialists at any time during your visit and they can pass you off on belay skill

Who can give me Climbing Tips?

On your visit ask our Climbing Wall Specialist about:

  • Bouldering Wall Tips
  • Climbing Wall Tips
  • Weight Shifting
  • Body Positioning
  • Handholds & Route Reading
  • Climbing Footwork
  • Problem solving on Routes
  • Climbing Conditioning
  • Top Roping
  • Sport Climbing Tips

What is the MyClimb App?

The MyClimb App – provides the knowledge, tools and community, to help people improve and enjoy their climbing
For more information visit their website.

MyClimb Website

Climbing Wall Welcome DesK

Phone: 435-879-4857

Andrew Abrams

Climbing Wall & Night Operations Coordinator


Phone: 435-879-4858