Human Performance Center

Swimming Pool

50 meter Olympic sized swimming pool 2 movable bulk heads, two 3 meter and two 1 meter diving springboards, 20 person spa. This is also home to our UT Women’s swim team!

Lap Swim Etiquette


Be respectful of the facility, the equipment, the other patrons and staff on duty.


Please be aware of and take care not to interrupt others’ swimming with your entry or exit, when changing equipment or resting. The lanes are for lap swimming only. Please exit the pool for long conversations or extended breaks.


Know your abilities as a swimmer. Be aware of the water depth, and choose a lane with other swimmers at a similar skill level and pace.


Enter the water feet first. Make sure you are aware of the water depth and other swimmers while entering or exiting.


Lap lanes can accommodate six to eight lap swimmers at once when each person circle swims. Swimmers must to stay on the right side of the lanes at all times and swim in a counterclockwise direction. This will reduce congestion and keep the lane moving. Be aware to place yourself in the lane according to speed and ability. If a swimmer catches up to you while swimming simply move over and let them pass, then continue swimming.


Lane lines are not weight bearing equipment. Please do not hang onto the lines between sets or after workouts.

Swimming Pool Standards

Aquatic Center Procedures

  • Secure all personal items in lockers. This facility and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Soap showers must be taken before entering the pool.
  • Stay hydrated with water.
  • No food or other drinks allowed. Please no glass containers.
  • Anyone with a communicable disease transmissible by water and/or anyone who has exposed sub epidermal tissue, including open blisters, cuts, or other lesions may not use the pool.
  • No one is allowed in the pool area without a lifeguard on duty.
  • Individuals under the influence of alcohol or other impairing chemical substances are not allowed to use the facility.
  • No spitting, spouting water, blowing nose, or discharging of bodily wastes.
  • No dogs or other animals are allowed in the Aquatic Center.
  • No air inflated flotation devices, USCG approved lifejackets ONLY.
  • Please notify Life guard Staff or Pool/Aquatics Coordinator if you have any special needs or a health condition that may require intervention.
  • Report all injuries to HPC Lifeguard staff immediately.
  • For your health and safety, the HPC staff have the discretion and will enforce pool policies. If pool policies are not followed, you may be asked to leave the Aquatic Center by the lifeguard on duty.
  • Use of this facility is at your own risk.
  • Prolonged under water breath holding is prohibited.
  • Diving is permitted only in water greater than 9 feet deep.
  • Proper swimming attire is required for use of facility. No jean material or ripped/torn clothing.
  • Groups that have rented/reserved the pool are only allowed in their designated pool area and locker rooms.
  • Only authorized personnel are permitted to walk on the bulkheads; use the starting blocks; and/or stand, sit, or place items on the Lifeguard stands.

Diving Board

  • We will have two 1 meter diving boards and two 3 meter diving boards.
  • One person at a time.
  • One jump. No double bouncing.
  • Diving shall only be permitted from the end of the diving board, not from the sides of the board.
  • The diving area shall be cleared and checked before diving.
  • After diving, the swimmer shall immediately proceed to the side of the pool nearest the diving board and exit the pool.
  • No flotation devices permitted on diving boards.
  • Non-swimmers shall not be permitted to dive or to swim in the diving section

Spa/Hot Tub

  • Patrons are recommended to limit their use of the spa to no more than 15 minutes.
  • Soap showers must be taken before entering the spa if not using the pool previously.
  • Patrons should not submerge their heads in the spa due to the extreme water temperature.
  • Exercise is not allowed in the spa
  • Please do not submerge to bottom of spa. Swimming underwater in the spa is prohibited. Spa drains can suck hair in, trapping someone underwater
  • Spa maximum bather load is 20 people.
  • Walking on or jumping over the spa is prohibited.
  • Individuals with pre-existing health problems, such as obesity, heart disease, high or low blood pressure, circulatory problems or diabetes should consult their physician before using the spa.
  • Members who are or may be pregnant should consult a physician before using the spa, and they should limit their time in the spa.
  • Members taking medications should consult a physician before using the spa.
  • The spa should not be used immediately after strenuous exercise.
  • Use pump cutoff switch in case of an emergency only.
  • Public displays of affection are not allowed in the spa. This includes any touching in a romantic or sexual way.

Classes Offered

  • Aqua fitness
  • Beginning Swimming
  • Intermediate Swimming
  • Paddle board yoga
  • Lifeguard classes

Clubs that Use the Swimming Pool

Water Polo Club

Further Details

Triathlon Club

Learn More

Swimming Equipment

For equipment for swimming just touch base with the lifeguard on duty to check out equipment and return to lifeguards when you are done with your aquatic workout.

  • Kickboards
  • Hand Paddles
  • Pull Bouys
  • Ankle Weights (3lb, 5lb, and 10lb)
  • Fins
  • Pool Noodles
  • Aerobic Weights (Easy, Medium, Hard resistance)


What are the daily hours/holiday hours?

For daily hours and schedule, please check our Hours of Operation page.

Hours of Operation

Are we hiring lifeguards?

We are not currently hiring lifeguards. For more information email Shayne Young at Send her your resume and Red Cross Lifeguard Certification.

Are their restrictions due to covid-19 about how many people can be in the pool?

Yes, reservations are required at this time. Only 3 people are allowed in the hot tub at a time.

Make Reservation

Can we rent the pool for an event?

If the schedule allows, then rental reservations are permissible. Email Shayne Young at about dates and event details, or submit a rental request through Central Scheduling.

Further Details

When is lap swimming available?

There are lap lanes available during all open hours. If you are having any problems finding an available lane, see a lifeguard for assistance.

Are their rules about the diving boards?

  • One person may be on the diving board at a time.
  • Only one jump on the diving board, double bouncing is not permitted.
  • Diving shall only be permitted from the end of the diving board, not from the sides of the board.
  • The diving area shall be cleared and checked before diving.
  • After diving, the swimmer shall immediately proceed to the side of the pool nearest the diving board and exit the pool.
  • No flotation devices are permitted on the diving boards.
  • Non-swimmers shall not be permitted to dive or swim in the diving section.

Are their group fitness classes at the pool?

Yes! Monday/Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm is paddleboard core. Tuesday/Thursday from 6pm to 7pm is water aerobics. Visit the Campus Rec website for more details.

Learn More

Shayne Young

HPC Assistant Manager/Aquatic Operations


Phone: 435-879-4502

Office: HPC 035